January 31, 2006

Cross Browser Compatability

I am extremely pleased with the cross browser compatibility of socialTruth.com. It only took a mod and some minor HTML and CSS edits, but everything is smooth (except for the .png images, but at least they don't have a funky bckgrd now). Overall though, it is the most compatible site I have produced - Yay.

January 30, 2006

Indians Make Some Moves

I am excited about baseball - really excited. This might be a first for me as I can recall many times making fun of the sport - at least in my head. Over the course of last season I fell into a certain affinity for the Tribe and enjoyed watching their games and following them through the course of what worked out to be a most exciting season even though it ended with a bit of heartache. But this year I think its going to be different and the Indians are going to climb their way to greatness. They just dished away one of their great bats in Coco Crisp but picked up Michaels from Phili to replace him. They average about the same so we really only lose the stealing base ability of Coco. We lost Rhodes who was an outstanding reliever last year but picked up Moto who as long as he stays healthy should be equally sufficient.

This has been good to come across with you that day when I called on your facility and I deeply thankful for your hospitality a lot. I returned to right now, but I wished to have the minute to thank a lot for making my family's visit to Washington, D.C. very, very special.

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So really - we aren't looking at too much of a loss... oh yeah then we also picked up the top prospect in all of the MLB right now in Andy Marte who will be biting at the bit to replace Boone. So White Sox - look out, I think we can still do it this year.

January 29, 2006

Bandwidth Woes

So annoyed by bandwidth costs and how everything on the internet and technology in production has gone through leaps and bounds so we can do what we are doing EXCEPT for Bandwidth (the transfer of data over the web) it is still way to expensive and I am currently splitting my head open trying to jam a handful of numbers inside to comprehend the best solution... it will show itself i'm sure...

January 26, 2006

A Middle Eastern Nightmare?

Well the Hamas militant group is taking political power and the world is still here... I must admit that it does scare me, but I think (read hope) it will not turn out to be as bad as everyone is thinking. I think the Hamas group will settle down in their hostile attacks as they now have the ability to fight with a pen rather than a bomb, but I must admit it still does not sit well with me. If you weren't praying for this part of the country before - they need it now more than ever... I think we all do...

Production Company

I thought if I was going to go big, then I might as well as go BIG - thus i decided to create a Production company and thus i give you: do More Productions.

January 19, 2006

Music That Rocks My Socks...

The most recent acquisition is Tegan Sara's latest - So Jealous. It is quite the amazing album and from start to finish has some of the best continuity of quality since i first listened to Clarity. Get it and enjoy it.

January 18, 2006

Scary Statistic...

The most popular television show among students ages 10-14 is desparate housewives - i think this needs no additional commentary.

Schedule Disarray

So today i got to my 8:10 AM class only to realize that I actually signed up for an 8:10 PM class... Of course this was after a few embarrassing phone calls. I was however fortunate enough to have two other people as clueless as I about it all - stupidity loves company.

January 15, 2006


We have finally decided on a name for the main project which will hopefully be launching in february - SocialTruth. And it is coming along quite nicely. The website is near completence and we just have to start getting a feel for the shooting and we'll be good to go - exciting times...

January 09, 2006

Google's Midas Touch Dissapates?

So google just launched some video downloads to compete with iTunes. They are offering content from CBS primarily plus many NBA games. CBS shows are $1.99 and NBA games are $3.99. It's not available on a Mac so that's crappy, but also the quality is TERRIBLE compared to what is achieved with Apple's iTunes. Wow, Google is fumbling this one!


But more and more push towards video content on the web - me likey!